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Nokia 20 Lives Kicks Off on September 19

The sensational new game experience following the success of Nokia Game

Espoo, Finland – Nokia introduces a captivating new interactive adventure, Nokia 20Lives, following the highly popular Nokia Game. Nokia 20Lives presents a next generation online and mobile experience, combining elements from games, movies, fashion and music business. Starting on September 19, participants of the new game will have a unique opportunity of stepping into somebody else’s shoes – not only once, or twice, but 20 times. Nokia 20Lives presents 20 fictional characters and gives the players a chance of living an exciting day in these characters’ lives. Provided by Nokia, the web-based Nokia 20Lives will be played in 21 countries across Europe in 11 languages.

“All of us have sometimes dreamed of being someone else. With Nokia 20Lives we want to offer this fascinating experience to mobile phone users. Nokia 20Lives is more than a game – it is a unique opportunity to connect to other people’s experiences and try their life for one whole day,” says Heikki Tarvainen, Vice President of Marketing, Mobile Phones, Nokia. “The extremely successful Nokia Game, provided five times by Nokia, has shown the way forward for entertaining and inspiring mobile phone users. We believe that the unique concept of Nokia 20Lives presents a refreshing new way of connecting people with Nokia products and the Nokia brand, and provides innovative interaction possibilities.”

Another day, another life in Nokia 20Lives

Within 25 days, Nokia 20Lives introduces a completely different game experience. While the previous Nokia Games provided skill-based adventures with time trials and puzzle solving, Nokia 20Lives takes the players into the lives of 20 fictional characters, selected in random order. The players will see the world as the characters see it, meet their friends and family, do their jobs, and make their decisions. Based on their choices made during the game, the players will either fail or succeed in their life at Nokia 20Lives.

Nokia 20Lives uses video and animated images on the Internet, as well as SMS, email and voice messages to share information with the players. During the compelling game players have a chance to win a mobile phone or compete for the grand prizes, such as helicopter ride, spa weekend or trip to a Formula 1 weekend in Monaco, related to the lives of the 20 characters.

With its 20 fictional characters, Nokia 20Lives presents a mixture of colourful personalities from the fascinating world of media, music, movies and fashion – powerwomen and smooth salesmen, actresses and playboys, photographers and paparazzi, to name but a few. Characters in the game are all connected to each other at some point of their lives – how and where, the players will find out during the game.

Register at

To take part in Nokia 20Lives, participants need to have access to the Internet, an e-mail address, and a mobile phone with the capacity to receive short messages. Nokia 20Lives is open to all mobile phone users over the age of 16 in the 21 participating countries, and there is no participation fee.

Registration for Nokia 20Lives opens on August 29, 2005 at, and players can register during the game until October 11. Nokia 20Lives will kick off on September 19 and it will be played until October 13, covering 21 European countries in 11 languages.

Preceding Nokia 20Lives, Nokia has provided mobile phone users with Nokia Game, an interactive online and mobile adventure that has been arranged five times already. Since 1999, Nokia Game has gained huge interest and attracted millions of players, while connecting people and highlighting the growing importance of entertainment in the mobile world.

Here iDoggie-Doggie

idog.jpgWe’ve already seen those dancing beer can-radios that groove along to FM broadcasts, but now the genre has moved on to “man’s best friend.” The Sega Toys iDog not only rips off Apple’s packaging (like everything else these days) but it’s AIBO-like facial expressions take a lesson from Sony as well. Just sit the iDog next to your speakers or plug it into your iPod’s headphone jack and watch it dance along to your favorite trax. Seven LED lights in its face flash along to the rhythm and sensors in its face and tail detect light changes and touch to denote different emotional and musical responses. Its built in memory holds up to 70 songs and it can even create simple music through its movements. The only thing it’s missing is the iPooper Scooper.

iDog – Listens to Music, Dances with Rhythm, Sings Songs [Universal Models]
Product Page [Sega Toys]

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SkypeNet, SkypeWeb, Google Talk and MSN Messenger 7.5

What a day today for Instant Messenging!

Google launch Google Talk, a XMPP/Jabber compatible Instant Messenging client (Windows only) with a propreitary VOIP protocol. Using XMPP let Google Talk user chat with compatible clients such as iChat.

But Google Talk plan moving to the SIP Open Standard for VOIP and should soon be compatible with the Gizmo project a Skype competitor. Here are already some Google Talk hacks.

The exact same day, Skype reacted by announcing SkypeWeb and the SkypeNet API. See their press release.

SkypeWeb lets people connect with you via Skype even if they are not a Skype user. Just tell Skype that you want to share your online status with the Web, copy and paste a few lines of HTML and script that Skype will give you and voila … your Skype status is on the Web.

SkypeNet API will enable developers to access Skype’ IM and Presence system and bring it into new applications without needing to have the full version of Skype running on the machine.

Already used on Jyve the Skype community portal.

Of course Microsoft had to release an update to Messenger (version 7.5), but thats uninteresting.

How to become master of the world

A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming. You realize that your body is asleep and that each object and character around you is a creation of your mind. Once the dreamer has achieved this state of awareness, they can control their surroundings and the content of their dream to varying extents.

Lucidity opens endless doors to self-knowledge, exploration, and fulfillment, but it is not purely in the domain of “new-age science”. Lucid dreaming is a scientifically accepted phenomenon which has been proven to exist countless times in sleep laboratories, and whose potentials are only beginning to be explored.

Chicago Blue

Tonigh we had Willy Kent et Big Time Sarah!