SkypeNet, SkypeWeb, Google Talk and MSN Messenger 7.5

What a day today for Instant Messenging!

Google launch Google Talk, a XMPP/Jabber compatible Instant Messenging client (Windows only) with a propreitary VOIP protocol. Using XMPP let Google Talk user chat with compatible clients such as iChat.

But Google Talk plan moving to the SIP Open Standard for VOIP and should soon be compatible with the Gizmo project a Skype competitor. Here are already some Google Talk hacks.

The exact same day, Skype reacted by announcing SkypeWeb and the SkypeNet API. See their press release.

SkypeWeb lets people connect with you via Skype even if they are not a Skype user. Just tell Skype that you want to share your online status with the Web, copy and paste a few lines of HTML and script that Skype will give you and voila … your Skype status is on the Web.

SkypeNet API will enable developers to access Skype’ IM and Presence system and bring it into new applications without needing to have the full version of Skype running on the machine.

Already used on Jyve the Skype community portal.

Of course Microsoft had to release an update to Messenger (version 7.5), but thats uninteresting.

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