Here iDoggie-Doggie

idog.jpgWe’ve already seen those dancing beer can-radios that groove along to FM broadcasts, but now the genre has moved on to “man’s best friend.” The Sega Toys iDog not only rips off Apple’s packaging (like everything else these days) but it’s AIBO-like facial expressions take a lesson from Sony as well. Just sit the iDog next to your speakers or plug it into your iPod’s headphone jack and watch it dance along to your favorite trax. Seven LED lights in its face flash along to the rhythm and sensors in its face and tail detect light changes and touch to denote different emotional and musical responses. Its built in memory holds up to 70 songs and it can even create simple music through its movements. The only thing it’s missing is the iPooper Scooper.

iDog – Listens to Music, Dances with Rhythm, Sings Songs [Universal Models]
Product Page [Sega Toys]

Originally from Gizmodo on August 31, 2005, 6:20pm

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