Major update on ContactOffice beta !

ContactOffice is a collaborative and messaging platform offered in Software as a Service. It is used daily by more more than 350.000 users of which 250.000 paying users !

It’s new beta version is an AJAX enhanced interface developed using Google Web Toolkit. ContactOffice developers have added numerous features to GWT (drag and drop, marquee selection, contextual menus, sortable columns, resizable panels, …) and are showcasing what is – according to Google engineers – the most advanced web application built using their java based revolutionary AJAX web application development framework.

The latest beta version of ContactOffice (release 1.2.002) contains numerous fix and is very close to being the best in his class of applications. It is finally fully compatible with Safari, in addition to its outstanding Internet Explorer and Firefox/Mozilla support. The new beta also features numerous new functionalities and enhancements :

– Wiki
– Info panels
– Threading for emails (only for paying subscriptions)
– Categories on docs, notes, contacts, bookmarks, …
– Right click or Ctrl click for Mac users to access contextual menus
– View document as PDF (.doc .ppt .xls .txt + openOffice extensions)
– Import Google contacts
– Account backup now includes the notes
– Details panel fro emails and contacts can now be collapsed or expanded as well email headers
– ‘Print contact’ is now available
– Some drop-down menus were not displayed for FireFox/Mac users
– Better interface color contrast
– Tons of UI enhancements and bug fixes

If you are in web development, you really have to test this web application to have an idea of what is the state-of-the-art today in a web interface!

If you are a java / ajax developer, you should try working for this company.

If you are looking for a solution to manage your group online collaboration needs, you have just found the best on the web.

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  1. Thanks Brice for your nice comment.
    Here’s more info about Google’s appreciation for our work:

    Luc (our CTO) has also been invited at Javaone in San Francisco to present our realisations :

    You’ll probably hear more of us 😉


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