Calendars in the new Beta of ContactOffice

ContactOffice just announced that the new ContactOffice Beta feature a calendar with full drag and drop interface… As easy to use as desktop software calendars but integrated in a full office suite with webmail, adress book, documents, bookmarks, … that runs on the web.

ContactOffice is a collaboration and messaging suite that run as an ASP. So all you need to start is an internet connection and a browser. ContactOffice is used today by more than 350.000 users with more than 250.000 paying users. At each session, all users can choose to use either the actual HTML & Frames interface or the new beta version, full AJAX with drag and drop interface and work with a new desktop software like user inteface with their existing data.

The AJAX interface of ContactOffice is generated using Google Web Toolkit, an open source technology from Google that generate Javascript code base on interface description written in Java. All the backend of ContactOffice is already written in Java, so we have one managed source code in one language for a complete web based suite. ContactOffice developpers added Drag & Drop, marquee selection and other interfaces enhancements to GWT. ContactOffice is to date the most ambitious application ever written with GWT.

If you are curious, there is a free subscription plan, just register and enjoy!

(full disclosure : I’m one of the founders of ContactOffice)

0 thoughts on “Calendars in the new Beta of ContactOffice”

  1. Very nice GUI for the beta.
    As GWT is Open Source, do you plan to open source the base of your GWT enhancement (Drag/Drop, Some GUI components, …), or to give them to GWT project ?

  2. Very nice GUI for the beta version of ContactOffice.

    As GWT is an open source project, have you planned to give your GWT enhancements (Drag/Drop support, some GUI components, …) to the GWT project or to publish them as an open source library ?

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