Being Brice Le Blevennec

For those of you who toughs that Spike Jonze’ Being John Malkovitch was a fiction, I must now confess that this cult movie is a ripoff of my biography. Many years ago a belgian puppeteer took control of me. This is why often during brainstorm at Emakina I seems to behave like if I was completely insane, pretending to invent mad concepts, sometimes even pitching them to very conservative customers at the risks of loosing all my hard earned credibility.

The truth is that there is somebody in my head, seeing reality through my eyes, manipulating my body, makes me behave strangely, … this is not really me. I’m actually a very boring person, with little imagination. My favorite past time is Solitaire on Windows 95 and I hate burgers. But nobody believe me when I tell the truth!

Sometime, he leave my mind, usually during football competitions or Formula 1 races. During one of those relief periods, I could do some research, and look what I found now…

My Puppet Master

This puppeteer is actually an digital creative, frustrated by miserable studies, who use me to seek revenge by achieving a successful career as digital creative. According to my sources, he found a portal to my mind between floor 2 and 3 in the Belgacom Proximus building around 2001. During a few years he just spied my boring life, trying to emulate me, but since 2005 he took control of me and use his talent to fool the world !

I know it’s hard to believe this story, but after an gigantic mistake, probably due to his sizable ego, I could finally locate his secret blog… On which I found this picture as an indisputable proof. I hope it’s convincing enough for the doctors to let me go now. I want to go try Solitaire on Windows Vista… and eat a salad.

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