My top 10 iPhone wishes for 2009

  1. Wi-fi detector that detect fully open hotspots by testing access to a webpage
  2. Search function in emails by sender, recipient, subject and content
  3. Tethering using Wi-Fi to share the connection with my MacBook Air
  4. Cut & Paste at least between emails, SMS and ideally between applications
  5. Viewing, editing and sharing of Keynote, Pages and Numbers documents
  6. Keynote presentation mode using iPhone TV output and touch interface 
  7. Video recording, simple editing and sharing with MobileMe and YouTube
  8. iChat client with sound and video support at least over Wi-Fi
  9. Hardware : SD card slot, zoom, flash, compass and +5 Megapixels camera
  10. iTunes additional Services : Books, Magazines and Porn

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