Imagine a wiki for collaborative musical composition

There is one lingua franca that is understood around the world by most musicians, disregarding their origin, mother language or style : the musical notation.

Let’s create a wiki (read & write pages), that would be able to display musical notation, for example using a combination of special musical typefaces and flash similar to sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement). To edit the pages you could write using keyboard keys (A, B, C, …) a piano scale, or click in a rich interface to draw notes on scales, like in early musical composition softwares.

Music is by essence the collaborative effort of composers and musicians to achieve a common piece of art. Now imagine what musician around the world could do with a wiki web based platform to share their compositions, collaborate across space and time to create global symphonies, improve each other compositions, rework existing pieces, …

This idea is now free for anyone to pickup. Please mention me in the credits, so my kids can be proud of me 😉

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