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  1. Hi Brice,

    Currently I’m doing a research on the key determinants of succesfull blogs for my Master Thesis at the Vlekho Business School in Belgium.

    Therefore I have launched an online survey aimed at expert bloggers and blog businesses in the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands.

    It is a pure academic research and thefore I would like to ask if you could take 10 minutes to fill out my survey and eventually help me spread towards other blog-experts you know.

    You can find the survey on:

    If you participate I will make sure you will get a copy of my Master thesis, including the results of this survey.

    Many thanks in advance to help me on this research.

    You can find more information on myself and my thesis on my blog: http://roi-marketing.blogspot.com

    Kind regards

    Sven De Clercq

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