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How to become master of the world

A lucid dream is a dream in which you are aware of the fact that you are dreaming. You realize that your body is asleep and that each object and character around you is a creation of your mind. Once the dreamer has achieved this state of awareness, they can control their surroundings and the content of their dream to varying extents.

Lucidity opens endless doors to self-knowledge, exploration, and fulfillment, but it is not purely in the domain of “new-age science”. Lucid dreaming is a scientifically accepted phenomenon which has been proven to exist countless times in sleep laboratories, and whose potentials are only beginning to be explored.

Chicago Blue

Tonigh we had Willy Kent et Big Time Sarah!


Upgrade Frenzy

Il y a des jours comme ca ou on ne sait pas pourquoi on se lance dans une entreprise aussi debile que d’upgrader son serveur web et son moteur de weblog…

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