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GPRS Roaming is cool

Amazingly thanks to the Proximus partnership with Vodafone, mobile internet access from abroad is as easy as connecting in Belgium. Nothing to change in the settings, just pick the right GSM network provider and go!

Leaving for holidays

No more videos will get posted here for the next ten days. I will be away from GSM (and GPRS networks), Internet (no web, no email) and even electrical power sources in Tarifa, Spain. Of course I’ll send all the cool swimsuit shots when back in civilisation.

I’ll be writing my much anticipated novel, whose title is still secret, but which is a metaphysical thriller related to SMS, email, IM and love in today’s urban society.

Until then have fun on Fulgurax, my new wiki toy.


Fun in CV

Le détail qui tue dans un Curriculum vitae:

Service militaire effectué en qualité de sous-officier de réserve au 3ème Bataillon de Chasseurs Ardennais.

No comment.

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